Welcome to the website Araiguma Tattoo
My name is Chris and I work as a tattoo artist since 2015. I work in Belgium, Brussels city. I work in any tattoo style and I also practice the cover ups of undesired tattoos and the refreshing of old ones. The word "Araiguma" means "Raccoon" in Japanese language, this is why you can see the raccoon on my logo. Don't forget to visit other pages of this website to get more information about my work.

In my work I use only the american tattoo ink of high quality. I work in black and grey style and in colors as well.

I work only with high quality equipment provided by USA and Europe. During the work I use a lot of stuff for single use. These things are needles, gloves, ink, equipment covers and a lot of other things.

To prevent the infections and diseases, the non-disposable equipment is treated with a special chemical solution, designed to completely kill viruses and unwanted diseases. After that, the equipment is placed for dry sterilization. So by sterilizing the non-disposable equipment and by replacing stuff for single use each time by new one, I guarantee you 100% safety for your health.

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